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Code of Ethics

We will make an honest effort to educate and provide competent assistance to all persons seeking help regarding healthcare or insurance services that our organization is capable of providing, regardless of whether or not our service results in compensation.

We will uphold our primary duties and responsibilities as healthcare experts to inform the public regarding governmental healthcare options and assist with enrollment in an effort to increase awareness and reduce the number of uninsured citizens.

We will only provide the most competent, independent, and unbiased advice that reflects the best interests of our clients, regardless of incentives or compensation.

We will only offer quality products and services with a proven track record of financial stability and that provide substantial benefit.

We will, as trusted advisors, maintain regular communication with each client to assess and address changing needs and concerns.

We will care for every client like family. Every service request is important and should be handled accordingly. In the absence of an emergency, all service requests will be addressed in chronological order and documented, regardless of account size.

We will comply with all laws and regulations, particularly as they relate to professional and business activities.